Wish I was tagged with an IFLA RFID tag for identification!

I’m trying to collect everything I must take with me to IFLA and the amount of needed codes, tickets, invoices and equipment is slightly overwhelming. It would be nice to have a RFID tag for identification at the conference premises so one just walks in through the registration gate, name badge would print out automatically, entrance would be permitted to various events automatically and so on… RFID could help the organizers on many other tasks, too. You may snatch the idea freely for the next IFLA conference!

When I made my timetable I realized, that I need MORE breaks, lunch hours (emphasis on the word hours) and free periods! There’s so much to see, hear and experience at the exhibition hall, poster area, outside the conference centre and on the downtown that I almost have no time for the actual sessions… And when do I have the time to blog, tweet, meet old friends and make new ones?

My colleague asked me yesterday “Do you have IFLA fever?” Maybe…

Here’s three pictures from our Campus Library in Joensuu. There will be 14 eager participants from our campus and 25 altogether from the University of Eastern Finland Library.

See you in Helsinki!


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  1. tuuleviovaska sanoo:

    Working as a volunteer will take a big bite of my IFLA days but I still think I will be able to attend the most interesting sessions and meetings as well as to visit the exhibition. I will also have time to get together with colleagues at lunch, coffee and dinner. But what about sleeping? At first I was a little bit annoyed to hear that us volunteers are not invited to the cultural evening on Tuesday. Now I think it’s actually a good idea. We’ll get a chance to rest.


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