Greetings from IFLA

Now for two days we have been tasting, listening and smelling the spirit of IFLA and it has been very inspiring. In the opening speeches there were debates about where the Santa Claus comes from (from Finland of course), which inspired discussions even later on (from Norway)…We have heard talks about the past, present and future of e.g. cataloguing. Today’s topics have included, e.g how to take the Generation Google into account in our work. In addition, Peter von Bagh taught us what is the essence of being a Finn. The atmosphere has been friendly and open and like it was said in the Newcomers session, we feel like being a part of a very big family…

Reporting ’live’ from IFLA, Helsinki
Katja Hyvärinen and Suvi Tolvanen

p.s. We just loved the woolen socks of the UEF Library’s poster girls

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