Meeting and seeing each other, making friends

I had arranged a ”class meeting” at IFLA. We were six out of eight ladies from all over the country, from very different libraries, who participated earlier in the winter a two-days professional education, learning how to develop IL teaching in the library. Two of us were busy to volunteer in the conference, but others took direction to a nice cafe, having a refreshing update of the latest news in the professional world in the most inspiring environment of the world – table with food and drink – and of course, the great spirit of librarianship hanging above us…

Yesterday I had pleasure to make friends with Laverne, most lovely colleague from Washington D.C.  We had followed a session about projects of establishing OA in Africa. – An example of true entrepreneurship in Ethiopia: if you can’t afford to buy a newspaper, you can rent it to get access to something you need to.  Some other happy newpaper buyer  may read the news aloud for the crowd.

Laverne has a great interest in detective literature, quite enthusiastic about Stieg Larssons books. I gave a hint about finnish detective writer Leena Lehtolainen – introduced today at the exhibition area – as well as Matti Rönkä and Matti Joensuu. Now, my friends, you have opportunity to give your book hints to Laverne: which finnish detective writers do you know, translated in English?

By the way, blogging with these internet area laptops (with german keyboards!) is not as convenient as for those nursing their iPads in the laps… thrown out from wordpress several times during this session, too…

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  1. tuuleviovaska sanoo:

    Very few English translations, I’m afraid. Joensuu x 3, Sipilä x 2, Nykänen x1. If she reads German there’s a wider choice.


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