Open and linked

During these four days I’ve heard a lot of talk about open access and, more importantly, (open) linked data. Since I do cataloging in our library, I’m interested in the future of cataloging, amongst other things. In couple of presentations have come out the interesting idea that the future cataloging trend or one of the trends could be wikicataloging, based on linked data. Linked data is ”hot stuff” right now (you can for example google the phrase ’linked data’ and get numerous results) in the same time you hear people talking for and against of ’the death of marc’. One of yesterday’s representations included a little show of what kind of information we can find about e.g. Albert Einstein in future: videoclips, photographs, books, manuscripts etc., all with a single click on library database, using possibilities of linked data.

Figure of linked data net seemed to me like a mind map. I remember when mind map was first introduced to me as a learning tool. I hated it. Later on I learned to like it. Now, after short acquaintance of linked data, I can’t help thinking that in the future I’m getting married with a huge mind map…

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  1. Maarit Putous sanoo:

    … Ja sama asia jatkuu. Terveisiä semantic web and linked data -sessiosta. Taitaa olla liian tekninen näkökulma mulle. 🙂


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