Back to work via IFLA

Usually after the summer holidays, I go back to work into a quite silence and peaceful working room and start work browsing the e-mails I have got during the summer holidays and chatting with a few of my colleges at the library. This time it was different. I “popped up” into a middle of a “cloud” of about 4000 colleagues from all over the world and into a middle of chatting and talking of a very colourful kind of languages and colleagues. So it was a little bit of “shock” to my heart and to my brain which were a little bit of “sleeping and resting” still after the holidays to “wake up” in IFLA. But I had to push myself into the work.

I searched for the rooms 4, 5, 3… and I listened speakers from Australia, Canada, UK, Finland, India, Nigeria, Liberia, Denmark and a various kind of libraries. I got to know a plenty of new English words and concepts and projects within the library field. My brains had to deal with concepts like clouds, censorship, open access, e-metrics, but I also had a stroke of luck to listen a very wonderful story for children about trolls and princes by a Danish speaker!  During the IFLA days my eyes opened to many new concepts and my heart was pumping to some newly minted ideas which my brain have to mature more to solve if they are good enough to be developed.

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